Kurginyan names the main conflict inside Russian society

31.01.2023, Moscow.

The main conflict inside Russian society in the context of the special military operation is about the attempt to keep the illusory well-being and the instinct for self-preservation, said political scientist, philosopher and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio station published on January 27 on YouTube.

This conflict involves all the social strata, and it forms a respective informational situation in the country, Kurginyan stressed. In his opinion, people cling to their well-being instead of comprehending the reality.

The political scientist explained that he understands “well-being” as a complex phenomenon that goes far beyond the rich class, as “everyone in a sense clings to it out of habit, because this is what was imposed as the most important thing over the past thirty years.” Kurginyan stressed that the society the more clings to the well-being that is passing away the clearer it becomes that this well-being is going away forever. The philosopher called this “the neurosis of well-being.”

According to Kurginyan, this is a result of a conflict related to the psychological condition of the people, “between the neurosis of well-being and the instinct for self-preservation. The neurosis of well-being “keeps dictating that any pain must be avoided as well as the recognition of the truth and the reality as it looks too terrible.”

This produces a sort of a troubadour-style optimism like ‘everything is fine, we have surrendered Izyum and other places, but apart from that everything is fine,‘ from morning till night, with the eyes popped out. But people do not believe this, Kurginyan warned.

He reminded that politics is the management of the social energy, and that it is based on trust.

Earn trust and then you will be able to plant the informational picture that you need. And finally, please believe that if you are talking about the actual things this is what brings the victory, he stressed.

Persuade the people to see the reality. And they do not want to see it, they are watching it through this neurosis of well-being. Awaken the instinct for self-preservation in the people. Tell them the truth, he urged.

And the truth is that NATO and Ukraine are fighting Russia, and that a number of other potential crisis spots are emerging around Russia’s borders. The Russian Federation needs a large army, a powerful industry and defense sector; however, unlike the USSR, Russia has a smaller population, and a number of its industries were destroyed.

Where are our 5D machines? Were is our machine-tool building sector at large? What else did we lose and how will we restore this? There are not 300 million of us but only half of that number, even less than half. How are we going to plan our military budget and what kind of an army will we have? Kurginyan asked.

The political scientist reminded that the Soviet military equipment during the Great Patriotic War defeated the German one, which had a higher quality. In the current conditions, the Russian army needs to train its clash with the Western equipment on models in detail. If the Abrams and the Leopard tanks are so “good” we need to show to the whole world using the best possible picture how well they can burn, Kurginyan stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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