Opinion: German government forces its citizens to dance on a volcano

30.01.2023, Berlin.

The dance on the volcano to which the German government is forcing its citizens is becoming increasingly threatening, journalist Tobias Riegel commented on January 30 on the NachDenkSeiten platform about arms deliveries to Ukraine.

“No sooner had the campaign to convince Germany to deliver Leopard tanks succeeded, than journalists and politicians, inciting enmity, began the next campaign: this time to deliver fighter jets,” the journalist writes.

Another taboo has been lifted, and the movement to the next one began. Riegel stresses that with each such step, the danger to German citizens is growing. According to the scientific service of the Bundestag, Germany does not automatically become a direct participant in the conflict by supplying weapons to Ukraine.

However, the assessment may change if we are already talking about training Ukrainian soldiers to use sophisticated German weapons. The journalist recalls that in March 2022 the scientific service of the Bundestag wrote the following:

“According to international law it is safe to assume that military support of a certain party to the conflict in the form of supplies of weapons, provision of military equipment and the like does not yet cross the line of participation in the conflict. (…) Only if, in addition to the supply of weapons, there is the question of instructing or training the parties to the conflict in the use of such weapons can one speak of the loss of the safe zone of non-military activities.”

The journalist stresses that Russia can declare Germany a party to the conflict, regardless of the legal definitions of the scientific service of the Bundestag. Riegel argues that the enormous danger of a direct confrontation between Germany and Russia is once again ignored. Moreover, there are discussions about the supply of fighter jets.

One of the first voices in this context was that of Christoph Heusgen, chairman of the Munich Security Conference, – he spoke in favor of sending fighter jets to Ukraine.

The fact that Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD) rejects the possibility of supplying combat aircraft to Ukraine cannot be considered a guarantee, as Scholz had previously denied supplying combat tanks as well. At the same time, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (the Alliance 90/The Greens) recently even publicly stated that Germany is at war against Russia.

The constant assurances of German politicians that they do not want to become a party to the conflict, despite supplying weapons, training soldiers, economic warfare and military rhetoric are becoming grotesque. Riegel stresses that the German government’s risky actions in an area where it is no longer in control can be likened to a game of “Russian roulette.”

Moreover, the government is forcing all of its citizens to participate in a potentially suicidal “game.” Many in the media are behaving very irresponsibly in this matter.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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