Onet Wiadomosci: US aid to Ukraine jeopardizes Poland’s political position

30.01.2023, Warsaw.

The United States is strengthening Ukraine to create a strong ally in Central Europe. a journalist of the Polish edition Onet Wiadomosci stated this on January 28.

The article’s author assured that the US actions jeopardized the political weight of Poland in Europe. Since US authorities are actively helping Ukraine confront Russia and beyond, it is obvious that Washington is creating a strong ally state for itself in Central Europe. Thus, Warsaw’s role in the confrontation between Russia and the West is inexorably diminishing.

“Poland is less and less between Germany and Russia and more and more between Germany, Ukraine and Russia,” the journalist writes.

He criticized the positive view of these processes. In his opinion, the consequences of Ukraine’s strengthening “will backfire” on Poles.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency


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