Rally in support of Donbass takes place near Nexter factory in France

Activists of the Stop Killing Donbass movement held a rally in southwestern France in support of the Donbass residents and against weapons supplies to Kiev, a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera News Agency reported on January 21.

On Saturday afternoon, an action of solidarity with the residents of Donbass and against aid to the Ukrainian Army was held in the city of Tarbes, Les Haute-Pyrénées. The action was organized by the head of the SOS Donbass association registered in France, Anna Novikova-Bernet.

The rally took place in front of a factory owned by French armament manufacturer Nexter, which produces, among other things, Caesar howitzers. By 14:30 about four dozen people had arrived at the protest rally, most of them French citizens. The human rights organization Association Réaction Pyrénées, which opposes supplies of military equipment to the Kiev regime, also took part in the protest.

Protesters held the national flags of France and the Russian Federation and the Victory Banner. The banners made by the protesters read: ” ‘The money [should] go for living, not for Macron’s guns and not for the nationalists of Kiev and NATO’, ‘STOP NATO’, ‘No’ to discrimination, ‘No’ to imperialist wars, ‘No’ to fascism“.


A rally in Tarbes in support of Donbass and against the sending of weapons to Ukraine by France. January 21, 2023


Near the wall of the factory building, demonstrators placed large boards with photos of Donbass victims of the Ukrainian bombing. The activists gave a speech, sharing their vision of the conflict in Ukraine and making an unflattering assessment of the French authorities’ actions.

As Anna Novikova-Bernet explained, the association SOS Donbass will send an appeal to employees of the Nexter factories, so that they will have an account of the fact that the products they produce are “used to kill civilians,” and to invite them to participate in future protests.

The manifestation was coordinated with the prefecture of the department. The Tarbes factory administration, in turn, removed in advance the sign with the title of the French arms group Nexter so that it would not suddenly appear in the same photo alongside a poster of the Donetsk bombing victims by the French Caesar howitzers.

It should be noted that on Saturday, the Stop Killing Donbass movement held two more demonstrations of solidarity with the Donbass residents – in Milan and in the Spanish city of Olot.

This was already the fourth demonstration held in France by the association SOS Donbass against supplies of military equipment to Kiev and incitement of Russophobia by the authorities of the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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