The Netherlands wants to lead the EU in measures against Iran

06.01.2023, Amsterdam.

The House of Representatives of the Dutch parliament (Tweede Kamer) wants the Netherlands to take the lead in Europe to take action against Iran, the leaders of ten parties wrote in a January 6 article published in the newspaper Volkskrant.

According to party members, Europe should work with the United States “and other countries of the free world” to influence the Iranian leadership.

“The Iranian regime violates universal human rights and threatens international security with its military actions. That is why we need to increase pressure on this regime,” the Dutch party leaders wrote.

The parties want the Netherlands to submit a proposal to the EU to label the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. They also called for sanctions against “specific individuals from the Iranian regime and their close relatives,” similar to sanctions against the Russians.

The party leaders also called for better enforcement of sanctions, including better information sharing and punishing countries if they help the Iranians evade sanctions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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