Failure of the EU and cultural exhaustion of the USA. The look at European crisis from Germany

06.01.2023, Germany

The failure of the European Union as a political project is associated with complete dependence on the United States and will end with a complete “endgame of Europe“. This conclusion was made by analyst Torsten Hinz in a review of the book “Endspiel Europe“, published in the German newspaper Junge Freiheit on January 2.

Hinz analyzed the book “Endspiel Europe” by political scientists Ulrika Gero and Hauke Ritz. In it, the authors, experts in international politics, outlined a sharply anti-American view of the causes of the Ukrainian and pan-European crisis.

Hinz writes that Gero and Ritz linked the two main trends in Europe together. The first is “the understanding that the EU has failed as a political project,” the second is that “the image of Russia in the West is incorrect or at least inappropriate.

Torsten Hinz, the author of the article in Junge Freiheit, following the authors of the book, repeats that these two trends are in a dialectical relationship: “failure makes the EU unable to take an independent position in the war in Ukraine and act in a peacemaking way in the conflict.

The analyst calls the failure of the EU “ideal“, as the geopolitical conflict becomes an “endgame” for Europe with the prospect of final degeneration into the forefront for the United States and at the full disposal of Americans.

Hinz cited the opinion of Gero and Ritz that the image of Putin’s “aggressive war” imposed by the media is actually “a long-prepared American ‘proxy war’ whose roots go back to the early 1990s.

From their point of view, the “Putin offensive war” looks more like a defensive strike aimed at avoiding the encirclement by NATO. The authors of the book argue that the United States can no longer be regarded as the guardians of the Grail of “Western values“, they are today “socially disadvantaged and culturally depleted.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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