Most important events in the Greater Middle East in the year 2022

The special military operation in Ukraine launched by Russia on February 24 affected all countries in the region in one way or another. In the Middle East, Western sanctions against Russia were not supported.

Most important events in the region in 2022:

– Large-scale protests over the death of Mahsa Amini over hijab, lasts more than 100 days
– Refuse to join sanctions against Russia, delivery of UAVs, defense equipment
– Start of the North-South Logistics Corridor project with Russia
– Stalled negotiations with the nuclear deal and lifting of sanctions
– Building up the capacity of the nuclear program
– Supporting Armenia in the Caucasus conflict

– Renunciation of sanctions against Russia. Mediation efforts to reconcile the parties led to a grain deal and plans for a gas hub in Turkey.
– Active internal political struggle ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections in 2023
– Economic crisis in Turkey
– Ukraine’s usage of Bayraktar and gaining high popularity of Turkish UAVs in the world
– Discovery of new gas fields
– Turkish actions against Kurds in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan continue
– More active interference in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in the Caucasus
– Blocking of Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO
– Reconciliation with United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel
– Continuation of the conflict with Greece
– Repression of LGBT

– Syria-Turkey-Russia trilateral talks to resolve the situation in the country

– Protests in support of Shiite cleric al-Sadr
– Election of new Prime Minister al-Sudani

– Netanyahu’s return as prime minister with far-right coalition

Saudi Arabia
– Implementation of OPEC+-backed oil production reduction policy, rejection of sanctions against Russia, rejection of US concessions on oil
– Appointment of Crown Prince as Prime Minister, Biden’s visit to Riyadh, meeting with prince, easing scandal over death of journalist Khashoggi

– Hosting of World Cup in 2022
– LNG contract with Germany for 20 years

United Arab Emirates
– Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi elected as new president

– Prime Minister Imran Khan deposed, popular protests in his support

– Ban on women’s higher education

– New constitution adopted, empowering the president
– Protests against President Saeed’s “coup d’etat” in 2021 continue

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