Kurginyan: The Russian state system as is has no chance of avoiding failure

24.12.2022, Aleksandrovskoye

The modern Russian authorities, as they are, with the resources at their disposal, will not be able to meet the challenges they face, stated philosopher, analyst, and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview with Anna Shafran on Radio Zvezda, published on December 23 on YouTube.

Kurginan noted that at this stage, the whole of the current Russian power is completely convinced that, by using the means at its disposal, it is able to meet the challenge – and this challenge seems great to the government, but not monstrous or catastrophic.

Kurginyan stressed that he wants to appeal to all of those who are responsible not only for their own fate, but for the fate of the entire population, for the fate of the entire country.

I cannot absolutize my point of view. I can be just as wrong as any other expert. (…) But I have some 35 years of experience in the strategic analysis. Is it possible to accept mine as one of the possible points of view? (…)

According to this viewpoint, this state system as is has no chance of “handling” the situation. None! I would be happy to be wrong, but I don’t think I am,” he said.

The political scientist emphasized that the current challenge is enormous, and if the existing authorities are ready to meet this challenge with their administrative system, their culture, their mass media, their army, their industry, their financial system and all the rest he would be happy. But today there is no possibility to make any compromises, the expert is convinced.

Kurginyan is convinced that victory can only be achieved by changing the system, which was originally built for a completely different reality and stresses. He noted that the first question for him today is when those who can change something in the life of the country will understand the scale of the challenge and adjust the means of responding to this challenge to its scale.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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