Serbian politician says situation in Kosovo may escalate into conflict

12.12.2022, Belgrade.

The campaign of violence provoked by Pristina continuous, and the high level of destabilization caused by Albin Kurti can only escalate into a conflict, after which Belgrade will have to intervene and protect Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, chairman of the parliamentary committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun said, Radio Television of Republika Srpska reported December 12.

“Of course, Kurti did not do that [did not order to disperse Serbs from the barricades], because the US delegation came, and while they are there, he will not take such measures, but he keeps his special forces on alert,” Drekun said.

The chairman of the parliamentary committee for Kosovo and Metohija says it is not in the interest of the Serbs to create any conflicts, especially with the international peacekeeping European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) and Kosovo Force (KFOR).

“Serbs want peace and dialogue, but provocations are possible in mixed areas, such as Brđane and others. An atmosphere is created to show that the war is raging and that it is caused by the Serbs. The barricades are not the cause, the barricades are the consequence of the daily intimidation of the Serbian people,” Drekun stressed.

He also said that it was reported that KFOR members accidentally entered the yard of a kindergarten in Leposavic.

“They lost their way with the most modern equipment that they have, and then the next day the special forces came. It’s about reconnaissance of the area, because probably if there is an attempt to attack Leposavich and capture Leposavich, they want that to be the place where they will station their units,” Drekun noted.

He also pointed out that when US reinforcements of the KFOR contingent arrived, they used special equipment to block all communications a couple of times.

“You saw the information that yesterday in northern Kosovo they briefly blocked internet and mobile communication, only the US can do that. In addition, Pristina has an interception center in southern Kosovska Mitrovica, through which they wiretap Serbs in northern Kosovo, and Serbs on both sides should be very careful about this communication,” Drekun said.


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