The West is concerned: under Russia’s pressure, Kiev has exhausted its stock of air defense missiles

29.11.2022, Austria

The Kiev regime is running out of air defense missiles as a result of massive strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure, Austrian expert Gerhard Mangott said, Deutschlandfunk reported on November 27.

Russia is launching so many cruise and ballistic missiles at the infrastructure to exhaust the Ukrainian air defense reserves. Ukraine uses many missiles to destroy only one target. Therefore, it is running out of ‘interceptors,’” the observer stressed.

At the same time, the expert criticized Western countries for showing “negligence” and “slowness” in the supporting of the Kiev regime, now they have to act post factum.

The West could have thought in advance to strengthen this component of the Ukrainian defense faster and more qualitatively,” Mangott stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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