Kurginyan: To win, we must correct all our mistakes promptly but without haste

22.11.2022, Aleksandrovskoe

A merciless and measured analysis of all the mistakes is what Russia needs now to win in the conflict in Ukraine, said philosopher, analyst and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on November 19 in an interview to BelTA.

The pattern of the conflict in Ukraine that the USA arranged can be broken in two different ways, Kurginyan noted. One way is a major nuclear war followed by a global catastrophe.

If we take the other option, Russia has to analyze all its mistakes in a merciless and measured manner in order to see all the weak spots of its armed forces and their relation to the condition of the society. And it should begin to improve all this, promptly but still without haste, in order to win the conventional war, he explained.

The military that Russia had by February 24, 2022, is insufficient to win; therefore, ways to improve it need to be found, and we should think what we should move and where, the political scientist noted. He added that we can only guess what the Russian political elite is planning to do to correct the mistakes made.

The Russian ruling class possesses all the means to work, and the ruling class will use these means, the expert told. He believes that the authorities will still improve the defense industry. He also expressed his personal opinion that the authorities will find a way to gather some more people.

[The authorities] will analyze who is more efficient and who is not, they will combine these missile strikes and operations, and they will hit some sore spots to try to win this situation one way or another, Kurginyan concluded.

According to the expert, the current Russian elite has no other options anymore, because the referendums that reunited the new regions with Russia have become something that cannot be canceled.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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