Kurginyan: The West will not allow Russia to live an untroubled life

19.11.2022, Moscow.

For a long time, the Russian elite has been living in an illusion that Russia can buy anything in the West to live an untroubled and measured life according to the Western standards, said philosopher, analyst and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurignyan on November 15 on the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on the Russia One channel.

Over the entire post-Soviet period, the Russian elite remained certain that international division of labor existed. It believed that if Russia can sell some goods, e.g. energy resources, in large amounts, then any other goods can be purchased.

All this was part of certain strategy, the analyst noted.

There was even a moment, Sergey Kurginyan noted, when “Defense Minister Serdyukov wanted to buy Mistrals and make our Navy French.”

This strategy emerged from inside the Soviet era, he explained.

Back in the Soviet period, when I was not only a theater director, and I unhappily had to work on other programs as well, I worked in the Institute of Oceanology, which purchased a Hewlett-Packard, and our neighbors had a Cray machine purchased for them with great difficulties. It was imported in secrecy through three channels, and they uploaded a huge volume of secret industrial information in it. And this Cray immediately shot all this information to a US satellite. This happened in the Soviet period, Sergey Kurginyan told.

Over the entire 30-year period, the post-Soviet elite has believed that everything could be purchased abroad, and there is no difference where to purchase. But the difference is great, the analyst noted.

The difference is that if you believe that all these countries want Russia to live and they perceive it as one of the participants of a global concert, then all this is possible. But if you believe that all these countries want Russia to be broken up and destroyed, then we have to act differently, he explained.

You can try to live an untroubled and ordered life as all the others do, but only if you are allowed to do so. And if you are not, then you can choose between death and a different way of life, the analyst concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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