Kurginyan tells how to build one of the best armies in the world in a year

31.10.2022, Moscow.

An army that will be effective in a hybrid war, should consist of the classical army core and mobile periphery: small technological units, PMCs, stated political scientist, philosopher, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in The Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on Russia 1 TV channel on October 26.

Kurginyan noted that in the course of the special operation it turned out that the Russian armed forces are not as effective as it was thought. However, this does not mean that the Russian army cannot do anything, otherwise, Russia would not be able to withstand the confrontation that is taking place now.

The political scientist explained that the army is a heavy, conservative, slow-moving system, and it has to be like that. However, in hybrid warfare, units using modern equipment have become very important. An ultramodern warrior who is sufficiently skilled, highly motivated, and fully computerized and has all the rest equipment is quite expensive, Kurginyan noted.

This network-centric warfare, which everyone talks about, means that the armed forces are divided into small, very highly effective elements, and then further locked into a corresponding network, which has a different efficiency,” Kurginyan noted.

He added that this does not deny at all that this heavy and clumsy military machine, moving hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, will play the main role.

To this huge machine we need to attach an additional layer, which has increased dynamism, and combine this with the resources of various kinds of private and other companies,” the political scientist pointed out.

He noted that the use of private military companies (PMCs) does not mean that the state will lose control over them. They will maintain full control but will gain the necessary flexibility. Kurginyan stressed that in the basis there should be the quality of people principle, their selection, their readiness, their dynamism.

If we manage to do this … Not to blame the clumsy army machine, but to give it flexible peripheral cover without destroying the system, we can create one of the best armies in the world within a year,” Kurginyan assured.

Selection, training, organization, saturation with equipment, connecting the new system and striking. This is the principle of hybrid warfare as far as classical warfare is concerned,” he stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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