Gepards sent to Ukraine with a “humanitarian mission” turned out to be useless

The first Gepards [self-propelled anti-aircraft guns] from Germany arrived in Ukraine at last – Scholz said and Scholz did. The German chancellor is a serious politician after all, even before the start of the special operation in Ukraine he slammed his fist on Putin’s desk in the Kremlin and after February 24 he announced the U-turn of German politics.

And in general, Scholz is well known for his eloquence. That is why he is sometimes called “Scholzomat”.

In the best traditions of German bureaucracy, the German chancellor thought everything over more than 100 times after the corresponding stimulation of the US partners kept his word – Gepards slowly but surely got to Ukraine.

However, there are interesting details.

It is reported that 30 useless Gepards arrived in Ukraine, because they have no ammunition. The thing is that Switzerland produces these ammunition for Germany, and Berlin needs permission from Bern to re-export them.

And Bern is in no hurry at all, because its neutrality is more expensive. German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht tried to convince her stubborn neighbor that Ukraine needs Gepards to ensure grain exports from Odessa.

Other German politicians also insisted to their Swiss colleagues that the re-export of weapons to Ukraine in this case is almost a “humanitarian action,” but without success.

The Germans are being pressured by their US brother, the Germans are nervous (or pretend to be) and are pressuring their Swiss neighbor. Germany has even threatened that it will refuse to buy arms from Switzerland at all.

The Swiss are still busy doing other things, for example, yesterday they were trying to set a world record by running the longest train in the world. It’s beautiful – the red long train against a background of magnificent mountains!

Swiss diplomats in Beijing organized an event for the occasion and invited their Chinese counterparts to observe the beauty at least online and get closer to zen.

Scholz is tearing the rest of his hair out (or pretending to) and has even tried to negotiate a supply of ammunition from Norway or Brazil (they have some). But Norwegian ammunition turned out to suffer from some unknown defect, and Brazil refused to supply weapons that could later be used against Russia.

In general, the German Gepards are not yet able to make the Ukrainian armed units more efficient. It has nothing to do with Germany, just bad luck with the neighbor.

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