Kurginyan shows how to fight panic in society

15.10.2022, Moscow.

Panic in society during the special operation can itself result in a catastrophe, and it needs to be combatted, and in some cases suppressed, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on October 14 in a new issue of his Destiny broadcast published on the movement’s YouTube channel.

“Panic is the absolutization of certain negative effects that become transformed into characteristics of the entire existing reality,” Kurginyan said. He explained that in such cases some people generalize any negative events into something terrible dictating either to surrender or to writhe in hysterics.

“Panic needs to be stopped fiest through a serious discussion of the reality, and in extreme situations it has to be suppressed. Because it can itself result of a catastrophe of any extent,” the analyst noted. He believes that certain qualities of the Russian reality should not be generalized, i.e part of the young people fleeing to Kazakhstan and Georgia. Because all of the young people will not flee, and all of generals will not be cowards and thieves.

The political scientist called for preventing certain ugly actions in the current situations. “At the first stage, excited people alleged that the Ukrainians were totally incapable and that we were Titans and heroes, invincible and legendary. That was blatant lie, hysterical, ugly, and in some sense shameful,” the expert added. He believes that this lie resulted in certain negative consequences.

At the second stage, when the consequences of the mistaken assessments of the Ukrainian army became obvious, the same people started shouting that the Ukrainian army was invincible and brilliant, the analyst stressed. “The Ukrainian army is worse than the Russian one in any event. And no Western aid can change this,” Kurginyan noted.

A strong side of the Banderite Ukraine was its transition to the war footing at least eight years ago, the political scientist noted. He believes that even before that Ukraine took ideological footing, although ugly and Banderite one, but it did.

“Any ideological footing is an advantage; the Banderite grounds can effectively mobilize the society in an ugly fascist manner. And because, most importantly, there are at least one million people ready to promote all this in a consolidated manner with the help from the West and the authorities, this gives a great advantage. But this does not mean that great Ukrainian heroes are defeating the Russian army, this is not true. This is an ugly impudent lie,” Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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