Russian senator: Zelensky is insane and is pushing the world to disaster

06.10.2022, Moscow.

The actions of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky ignite a nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO. This should be discussed at the level of the UN Security Council, Russian Senator Sergey Tsekov said, RIA Novosti reported on October 6.

“One gets the impression of Zelensky’s complete insanity. He does not understand what the consequences may be from the implementation of his words. He provokes actually a nuclear war between Russia and NATO, in which the whole world will perish,” the senator said.

According to him, the UN Security Council should evaluate calls for “preventive” nuclear strikes against Russia should be evaluated. At the same time, Tsekov stressed that Zelensky is a threat to the entire world.

The senator also expressed bewilderment at the actions of the West, which invites the head of the Kiev regime to international platforms. “This also characterizes the state of the world community,” Tsekov added.

During his video address at the Lowy Institute in Australia, Zelensky said that NATO should launch “preventive” strikes against Russia, instead of waiting for “Russia’s nuclear strikes.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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