Putin announces a partial mobilization. Main theses of the address

21.09.2022, Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a televised address to Russian citizens on September 21.

The president’s main thesis was that the West had turned the Ukrainian people into cannon fodder by unleashing a war in 2014.

The president said that the decision to conduct a preemptive military operation in Ukraine was absolutely necessary and the only possible option.

The liberation of the entire territory of Donbass remains the unchanged goal of the special operation in Ukraine. Therefore, the allied forces are liberating the land of Donetsk step by step. They are acting systematically, taking care of their personnel.

Putin said that the West wants Russia to disintegrate into a multitude of feuding areas, because the main goal of the West is still to weaken and destroy Russia by disintegration.

Therefore, Russia will do everything possible to secure the referendums in the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, as it cannot give its loved ones in Ukraine to the militants and killers. The lands of Novorossia and the liberated territories of Ukraine do not want to live under the yoke of a neo-Nazi regime. At the same time, the policy of intimidation and terror is becoming a mass phenomenon in Ukraine.

The Russian president has stated that the West has crossed the line in its anti-Russian policy, with terrorist strikes from Western weapons being carried out in the border areas of Russian regions. NATO is conducting reconnaissance throughout southern Russia.

Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. Conscripts will be called up, first and foremost those who have served in the Armed Forces and have the necessary military professions.

Before being sent to the front, the citizens will undergo additional military training.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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