Kurginyan: Russian special operation in Ukraine raises doubts about the US’ main asset

20.08.2022, Moscow.

The belief that the US “holds everyone by the throat” becomes the US’ main asset, said the philosopher, political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on August 18 in the most recent broadcast of his program entitled Destiny published on the movement’s YouTube channel.

“Such a belief becomes the US’ main asset in the context of growing Asian economies, growing conflicts within the US, against the backdrop of the US obviously entering the phase of decline, somewhat similar to the decline that led to the collapse of the ancient Roman empire,” noted the political scientist.

Such a belief stems from the victory in the Cold War, something the US is still not ashamed to say, or the final enslavement of all post-Soviet countries, including the Russian Federation. This belief is the US’ main intangible asset. It is being conveyed to the whole world, and it determines everything else, including the state of tangible assets, explained Sergey Kurginyan.

And, all of a sudden the Russian Federation organizes a feast disobedience, demonstrating to the world that the US does not hold it by the throat, ready strangle, and begins to carry out its own special operation in Ukraine, without instantly failing at this, frankly speaking, unprecedented and daring undertaking.

For the US, giving the Russian Federation an opportunity for success means an admission of the fact that they do not control everything. And if so, the consequences can be absolutely devastating. They can really be more devastating than losing in Vietnam,” noted the expert.

He noted that the entire Western political class is firmly convinced that if Russia loses Ukraine, then the restoration of Russia as an empire, a power capable of influencing world politics, is doomed to failure. And the existence of Russia as a nation state in the 21st century, which is more modestly than being an empire, is impossible – Russia is organized differently.

On the contrary, if Russia takes Ukraine back, it will become an empire, and then it will be necessary to reconsider the outlook for the global world order not only in the 21st, but also in the following centuries. That is why the US and its allies, including the Europeans, support Ukraine so passionately. No other side of any military conflict – the Indo-Pakistani, Iranian-Iraqi or others – has been supported in the way Ukraine has been, concluded Sergey Kurginyan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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