Former Czech President explains how the Czech Republic will pay for its involvement in Ukrainian crisis

09.08.2022, Prague.

Support of Ukraine will cost the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe dearly. Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus said this in an interview with iDnes on August 7.

“All other countries that in one way or another are ‘involved’ in what is happening have incurred and will continue to incur large costs,” Klaus said.

“It is high time we discussed the costs of the conduct and continuation of hostilities and thought about how these costs are divided among the individual, direct and indirect, participants in this tragic conflict. This includes our hasty decision to send weapons and accept refugees,” the former Czech president added.

In addition, Vaclav Klaus said that unanimity about the Ukrainian crisis was established in the Czech Republic. It does not allow any alternative views in the discussion of what is happening in Ukraine. Vaclav Klaus believes that this is a path to slavery and totalitarianism.

The Czech Republic long before the start of the special operation began to aggravate relations with the Russian Federation. In 2021 the republic was included in the Russian list of unfriendly countries, along with the United States, because of the scandal with the expulsion of Russian diplomats who were allegedly involved in the explosion of military depots in the Czech town of Vrbetica.

After the start of Russia’s special operation to denazify Ukraine, the Czech Republic became one of the countries actively aggravating the Ukrainian crisis by supplying heavy weapons to the Kiev regime. In particular, the Czech Republic reportedly supplied armored vehicles and artillery systems. In addition, the Czech Republic has received about three hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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