Political scientist: Pelosi's visit drives China to threshold of dramatic changes

03.08.2022, Moscow.

China is on the threshold of major changes in its domestic policy, political scientist Vladimir Dzharalla told Rossa Primavera News Agency on August 2.

According to the political scientist, Beijing is coming to the understanding that Washington is driving it into a corner. Speaker of the United States Congress House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, despite the protest of the official Beijing, has demonstrated to China that its status is an enemy of the West. All these events will seriously affect China’s internal situation.

“The main event will be the congress of the Communist Party to take place in the fall, at which Xi Jinping is to be elected for his third term,” Dzharalla reminded. He believes the congress of the Chinese Communist Party in the fall will dramatically change the political landscape inside the country that has formed over the past forty years.

“China is on the threshold of quite substantial changes in its domestic policy. This is why the USA, with its insolence and the feeling of supremacy, has actually demonstrated its reluctance of any equal talk to seek any acceptable compromise,” the political scientist stressed.

The insulting anti-Chinese campaign that is unfolding in the Western media will not remain unnoticed in Beijing, the expert noted. He added that China will learn a lesson from the Taiwan escalation, and this lesson will have very serious consequences for the whole world. The USA’s insolent policy and the West’s confiscation of Russia’s funds make many countries, including China, India, and Arab states, think about threats to them.

“A direct military threat the USA is demonstrating also suggests that this country has never restricted itself in using force, and it never will,” Dzharalla said. He believes that the United States cannot offer the world another policy but obeying itself.“A situation is being formed that will definitely be advantageous to all those who seek to build a new fair world based on the principles of equality of the powers. And Russia is the leader of this process,” the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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