Kurginyan: A major war cannot be won on bended knee

30.07.2022, Moscow.

If Russia fails to abandon its idolization of the West and its intention to become part of it, it will be unable to win a major confrontation even if it wins the conflict against Ukraine, writes philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in his article Kurginyan: ‘Drum-Thumping Idiotism’ Will Kill Russia published in issue 491 of the Essence of Time newspaper.

The authors recalls that Russia’s idolization of the West began long ago, from “the little Frenchman from Bordeaux” or even from Peter the Great. It appeared in the Soviet society, too, as early as in the late Stalin period. The campaign against cosmopolitanism and the idolization of the West of that period was condemned later in the Khrushchev period. But the phenomenon itself kept taking root and flourishing, and its apotheosis in the perestroika period, according to Kurginyan, was the phrase “We are threatened with US occupation, but we are not afraid. Let the US come, we will lick their boots”.

The leader of Essence of Time believes that in the Yeltsin period, the idolization of the West became “all we had,” and it “literally squashed the country.” “It merged with poverty of certain part of our population and wealth of the other part, with devastation, perversity, and many other things. A complex of inferiority before the West was intensely imposed on the nation,” the political scientist noted.

The special military operation in Ukraine put an end to this integration trend. It turned out, Kurginyan writes, that we are not integrating into the West, but we are fighting it.

“And this is when a question arose: how can we fight it keeping the inertia of the integration, i.e. the idolization? Does this mean we now have to fight the Western civilization while remaining on bended knee? Meanwhile, this is exactly what is taking place. Maintaining the bended knee position is accounted for by the idea that we will shortly stop fighting the Western civilization and get back on track,” Kurginyan explained.

He stressed that any forms of fighting the West are good, as it is turning into the enemy of mankind right before our eyes. And that he is ready to support any effort the Russian authorities are making to overcome their integration position. However, he notes, the elite is reluctant to actually change the integration trend; instead it keeps waiting. According to Kurginyan, our state-owned TV’s routine condemnation of the West does not mean the Western dream has been abandoned, “This condemnation look very much like letters of betrayed wives to Soviet party committee, ‘My husband is a jerk, I want him back!”

According to the political scientist, we can actually raise from our knees if we reject our idolization of the West, and this is what we critically need now. “Because a major war cannot be won on bended knee. And what we are facing is exactly a major war, a war of extermination,” he stressed.

If our public fails to comprehend and answer this extremely important question, this will end up in trouble, Kurginyan warned. “We can take many villages and cities but lose the whole thing. We are steadily heading towards this kind of a strategic failure, which will have nothing to do with a failure in the specific special operation,” he stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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