Kurginyan: No war has provoked the kind of fury that Russia's conflicts have

14.07.2022, Aleksandrovkoye.

Other countries of the world involved in military conflicts have not faced anything like the anti-Russian sanctions, philosopher, political analyst, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan stated in his program Destiny broadcasted on July 11 on the movement’s YouTube channel.

“Has there ever been anything like these sanctions? Have the powers that be or global players ever implemented a thousandth of what they’re imposing now? That has never happened!” Kurginyan declared.

The political scientist recalled numerous examples of major military conflicts in which a clash of powers did not lead to international sanctions. According to him, this was the case during the Indo-Pakistani conflict over Kashmir, which began in 1947. But no one accused India of oppressing democratic Pakistan or vice versa.

“What is the difference between the war that was caused by the disintegration of the conglomerate called the Soviet Union and the war generated by the disintegration of the conglomerate called the British Empire? Is there any difference? No! They both have the same genesis, the same architectonics, the same internal structure, the same kind of waging,” the analyst stressed.

In the case of the military conflicts started by the United Kingdom, the Western states were absolutely indifferent, while in the case of Russia they became incredibly, hysterically supportive of one of the parties to the conflict, the expert pointed out.

He added that now it was the Banderites who received support in the conflict in Ukraine, which is especially strange for supposedly anti-fascist forces, if there were still any.

“But there are no these anti-fascist forces. Fascism is reviving, and that’s why the successors of Bandera are being supported,” the political scientist explained.

He recalled the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988, where Iraq planned to seize the oil-rich Khuzestan Province in Iran. The casualties of that military conflict were at the level of about a million people, but the global community did not impose super sanctions against either Iran or Iraq.

“Well yes [the USA] helped Hussein with chemical weapons because they wanted to exterminate more Iranians. But there was nothing like what’s happening now. Such certainty, such an unprecedented scale of response, such rage, and such far-reaching decisions. There was no such thing,” Kurginyan pointed out.

Russia’s ongoing conflict in Ukraine will go on in earnest, for a long time, and fatally, the philosopher believes. In his opinion, what is happening is Russian destiny. “It is a hatred of the fact that Russia has decided not to dissolve once and for all. It causes unprecedented rage,” the expert stressed.

“How deeply one must hate this subject [Russia], who still clings to life in order to arrange what has been arranged. Just think about this!” Kurginyan concludes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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