Expert tells why Kiev would let Polish army on its territory

14.07.2022, Moscow.

Zelensky is counting on the Polish army’s entry into western Ukraine to move tens of thousands of troops to the front from there, former diplomat Rostislav Ishchenko told on July 13.

He commented on granting Polish citizens in Ukraine a special status, thanks to which they will be able to work, including in State institutions.

The expert said that with the introduction of the Polish army in Ukraine, the latter will become a protectorate of Poland.

In exchange, Kiev (Washington and London, too) expects to see about twenty thousand Polish troops in Western Ukraine,” Ishchenko said. “Zelensky needs this in order to transfer some thirty thousand regular Ukrainian troops available in the western regions and some 20-30 thousand of territorial defense troops to the eastern front.

The former diplomat expressed fears that Warsaw might go further in Western Ukraine than Kiev would like.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky submitted to the Verkhovnaya Rada a bill on granting to citizens of Poland expanded rights, including long-term staying in the country, the possibility of employment and others. The President of Poland in March said that there is no longer a border between Ukraine and Poland. Many experts express concern that this realizes Poland’s ambitions to seize territories beyond the eastern border.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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