Kurginyan: Military potential of Russia and Belarus should cool down the West

04.07.2022, Moscow.

The defense strategy of the alliance between Russia and Belarus should nullify the desire of the West to provoke a military conflict, said political analyst Sergey Kurginyan, leader of the Essence of Time movement, in an interview to Belarusian ONT TV channel on June 29.

Sergey Kurginyan supported the constructive steps of Russian and Belarusian presidents Vladimir Putin and Aleksandr Lukashenko, according to which Moscow and Minsk are planning to fundamentally revise the strategy of the allied defense.

In particular, within the framework of such a revision in Belarus Su-25 attack aircraft will be modernized, Russia is also ready to transfer Iskander-M missile systems to Minsk.

Once again it is a question of what potential this very joint West has to face, if it continues to bully,” said the political analyst.

Kurginyan reminded that in the old days, showing 100,000 troops on the horizon was enough to cool down the ardor of a potential aggressor.

When it appears on the horizon just yet as a threat, and it is clear that this potential growing, one can buy time to build up this potential even more, and avoid this very nuclear war at all costs,” Kurginyan stressed.

According to the leader of Essence of Time, Russia won’t achieve anything by softening its position in the dialogue with the West, since “any concessions we make will only make this group of thugs more eager.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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