Death toll from shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian militants rose to four people

13.06.2022, Donetsk.

Four civilians including a child were killed as a result of the shelling of Donetsk by Ukrainian punitive forces on June 13, according to the DPR Territorial Defense Headquarters.

“As a result of today’s shelling of Donetsk by Ukrainian armed units, four people, including a child, were killed and 22 more civilians were wounded,” the statement reads.

The DPR Territorial Defense Headquarters also specified that more than 70 buildings were damaged in the city as a result of heavy shelling conducted during the current day.

On June 13, Ukrainian punitive forces launched a heavy shelling of Donetsk, which has not been seen since 2015.

According to a DPR representative at the Joint Centre for Ceasefire Control and Coordination, more than a hundred rounds of ammunition were fired at the city: at least eight rockets from BM-27 Uragan, 80 rockets from Grad MLRS, 18 155mm shells, and 10 120mm mortar shells.

Almost all districts of the city came under fire. Proletarsky, Kuybyshevsky, Petrovsky, and Kievsky districts were hit most intensively.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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