Ukrainian ambassador Melnik was greeted with the slogan “Nazis get out!” in Berlin

08.05.2022, Berlin.

At a demonstration in Berlin near the Soviet Memorial in Tiergarten, Germans greeted the Ukrainian delegation with slogans such as “There is no place for Nazis here,” a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent reported on May 8.

Before the official visit of the Ukrainian delegation even began, the Germans unrolled a banner with words of gratitude to the soldiers of the anti-Hitler coalition, including the Red Army.

And as soon as the delegation from the Ukrainian embassy arrived, the Germans immediately began chanting slogans, “There is no place for Nazis here”, “Nazi scum, get out!”, “Thanks to the Soviet soldiers”. In addition, various anti-war organizations distributed leaflets with information about the crimes of the Banderites.

By the beginning of the rally about 100 people had gathered. By the arrival of the Ukrainian ambassador in Germany, Andrey Melnik, the number of rally participants had increased to 250.

After that, the rally was divided into two groups: Germans and Ukrainian nationalists. The Germans continued to urge the Ukrainian delegation to leave the country for anti-fascist reasons. At the same time, supporters of the Banderites spoke in support of contemporary Ukraine. They also shouted Banderite slogans and insults against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The police banned all symbols on the eve of the rally. Russian, Soviet, St. George’s ribbons and all other Soviet symbols were banned. Ukrainian flags were also banned.

Only official delegations were allowed to display their national flags. The Ukrainian delegation took advantage of this by unfurling a huge Ukrainian flag in front of the Soviet memorial.

The entire demonstration took place under tight police control. The number of law enforcement officers reached 100 people. They tried to suppress obvious attempts of Ukrainian demonstrators to distribute Ukrainian flags among the protesters. Nevertheless, the colors of the Ukrainian flag could be seen from everywhere.

Editorial comment

Germans with whom we were able to talk at the demonstration spoke about the sense of hopelessness caused by the dominance of Ukrainian Nazi propaganda. Those present were surprised that the German state completely ignored the Bandera origins of contemporary Ukrainians. For them, the action was an attempt to preserve their self-respect in the face of the German state’s horrifying policies.

Indeed, one gets the impression that it is the Ukrainian ambassador who is beginning to dictate to the Germans what they are. It is difficult to consider otherwise the openly provocative and insolent statements, or even insults, of Ukrainian Ambassador Melnyk to German politicians. But, unfortunately, at the moment there is no political force in Germany which would be ready to fight against the new world order which is being created by the US and Ukrainian nationalists.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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