Kurginyan: Clowns with blood on their hands are mortally dangerous to the world

26.04.2022, Moscow.

The world is in grave danger during the era of postmodernism because of the weak and clownish elites who are still able to spill seas of blood, said political scientist, philosopher, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on April 19 during the broadcast of the Great Game program on Channel One Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has become a “concentration of the evil” in the West: responsible for all Western troubles and misfortunes, noted the political scientist. This would be impossible if the Western elites were to take Putin seriously, believes Kurginyan. “And what are we dealing with then – complete idiots? Or not?” asking the political scientist.

The analyst attributed the state of the Western elites to the influence of postmodernism, “Postmodernism in the West – it’s the aesthetics of bloody clowns. It’s a combination of showmanship with torture by skinning people alive.”

He recalled his prediction that Vladimir Zelensky, as the President of Ukraine, would unleash a bloody war. At that time many argued with this point of view, saying that Zelensky was a jester, a clown, “like he is almost a sweetheart”, explained the expert. But Zelensky, according to Kurginyan, is precisely a “bloody clown” of the postmodernism era.

The philosopher is convinced that ever since the first postmodernists came about, the aesthetics of bloody clowns have been introduced into the US elites. “Therefore, we are dealing with executioners who like to dance before acting upon anything. And they have it in their blood. They want to be in this act. And we understand what it may threaten,” explained Kurginyan.

Therefore, a mortal danger to humanity lies in the weakness of US President Joseph Biden, while everyone laughs at him, believes the political scientist.

There is nothing worse than weak, clownish, cackling elites, who are at the same time ready for any bloodshed. They are ready to start a war. They can do anything and everything. It was them who imposed a departure from the reality that existed before, into this virtual world where you can destroy hundreds of thousands of people with the push of a button and laugh, ” warns the expert.

And Ukraine is all about this, concluded the leader of the Essence of Time movement.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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