Residents of Mariupol speak about the atrocities of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions

06.04.2022, Mariupol.

Residents of Mariupol, evacuated by the Russian and DPR military, have spoken about the crimes of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions against the civilian population, the video was published on April 6 by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Residents of Mariupol said that the Ukrainian army transformed social institutions into firing points, and moreover prevented the civilians from evacuating through humanitarian corridors.

According to a resident from Mariupol, the Ukrainian military chose positions for shelling inside residential buildings. At the same time, the residents of those buildings begged the military to leave repeatedly and to no avail.

Another resident from Mariupol, Elena Vasilievna, said that snipers fired at civilians when they saw that someone was trying to leave the city.

As soon as people went out into the street, the Ukrainian military shot right at their feet, people went for water – they also shot at their feet. There was a well at the bakery, and people went there for water. They shot people, and pieces of flesh were lying around these wells”, said Elena Vasilievna.

There was a young girl, she used to ride a scooter. Just like that, they shot in her back, and she fell down. We were asked to take her to the hospital. But it was too late. She died,” the woman added.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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