Kurginyan: Ukraine has embarked on the path of Gnosticism

06.04.2022, Moscow.

While Russia wallowed in relaxation, a bud of future new fascism appeared in Ukraine, which did not differ much from the Nazi one, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on the issue of The Meaning of the Game: The Russian Destiny and the Will of History, or What Russia is Fighting for in Ukraine  broadcast published on April 5 on the movement’s YouTube channel.

Sergey Kurginyan indicated that Russia was not prepared to any war, neither in the ideological nor the informational aspect. Russia was prepared for peaceful prosperity, to an existence in a sort of a conditional and very problematic “consumerist pleasure.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine was being transformed into a super-ideological state, when adepts of the Banderite ideology were put in every kindergarten, every school, every unit of the army.

Thus, while Russia was ideologically “demagnetized,” Ukraine, having absorbed the Banderite ideology, was “magnetized.” “Which is absolutely logical when they want Russia to lose, and those attacking it to win,” Kurginyan noted.

According to the philosopher, this machine for pumping Ukraine full of Nazi ideology was for the first time in history combined with the power of respectable Western states. This resulted in a fantastic detonating mixture, which remains to bear its fruit.

“A bud of a new fascism appeared, which does not differ much from the Nazi one,” Kurginyan said. Any references to the Jewish origin of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky look “absolutely stupid,” he stressed. Because, firstly, Nazism modified itself greatly as early as 1946. Secondly, the point is not which people is chosen to hate and eliminate, but the point is the gnostic theory which the global elite relies on.

According to the gnostic theory, the humanity can be divided into those who govern, an intermediate caste, and sub-humans, who can be eliminated like chickens or pigs to keep as much “livestock” as necessary.

“This is an ideology the 21st century needs very much. As it is strongly connected with the ancient Gnosticism, all these Basilides, Valentinus, etc., this connection cannot be gone,” Kurginyan stressed.

The gnostic theory was in demand for fascism, and now it has become much-in-demand because the current models of capitalism cannot answer the question what so many people on Earth are needed for if a much smaller number of them can produce everything necessary.

Communism needed all the people, because the goal of communism is the development of the creative potential of the Man, his ascendance, and the creation of a new Man. However, Communism was abandoned. This number of population became unnecessary, and in order to legitimize its reduction, this excessive population has to be called “scum,” “cattle,” “sub-humans.” “Elimination is uncomfortable without such a justification. This was absolutely clear for the Germans, and for the Bandera Nazis, and anyone else,” Kurginyan stressed.

Kurginyan pointed out that this misanthropic theory has already been implemented in Ukraine.

“The point is that all this has been implemented in Ukraine. This is a major European state with a large army, certain resources etc., with appropriate population, which has embarked on this path,” Kurginyan said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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