Turkey is hunting mines in the sea

28.03.2022, Ankara.

On the morning of March 27, Turkish fishermen noticed a suspicious object in the Bosphorus Strait near the Black Sea, which they immediately reported to the Coast Guard about, and the latter informed the Defense Ministry. And so it began…

The access to the site was blocked from both sea and air, the ships and other vessels were ordered not to approach, the strait was closed, and the Underwater Defense Group neutralized the mine.

Everything ended peacefully. The mine was defused and the Turkish defense minister announced that it was an old mine.

Already on the same day in the evening, reports of a second mine in the Bosphorus Strait have appeared in the Turkish media. However, another publication close to the government of the country denied this information, citing its sources in the Turkish defense forces.

Interestingly, these incidents occurred on the same day and four days after the Russian FSB warned that mines (420 pieces!) planted by Ukraine in the Black Sea could break off and arrive in the Bosporus.

Erdogan, by the way, boasted the same day that Turkey had everything under control and had nothing to fear.

On March 27, the Turkish Defense Ministry spoke to both Russia and Ukraine about this.


One of the Turkish experts thinks that this is military fiction, at least because the mines could not have reached the Turkish waters so quickly.

Another, the well-known retired Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı, accused Ukraine of war crimes because of mines and expressed concern for Turkey’s drilling rigs in the Black Sea and vessels sailing in the region.

Translated from https://t.me/shotday/188

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