Kurginyan’s statement in 1990: Neo-fascism is raising its head all over the world

14.03.2022, Moscow.

The ongoing world processes have been conducted by forces that are very far from democracy and do not have a national index, while neo-fascism has been raising its head in the world, philosopher, political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said in a speech recorded in February 1990, two weeks before Lithuania became the first republic to leave the USSR. The video was published on March 12 on the Essence of Time YouTube channel.

The political scientist said then that the cries of democracy in Lithuania and other republics of the USSR have nothing to do with democracy, since they are not based on respect for human rights, the rights of the Russian population.

“I want to ask the Lithuanian intelligentsia whether they are convinced that the Lithuania they will receive as a result of this rapid secession will be a democratic Lithuania? I for one am convinced that it will not be democratic,” Kurginyan stressed.

He noted that there were facts that people who wanted to join the Communist Party of Lithuania on the positions of the USSR were persecuted for their beliefs.

“Is this a democracy? Is the Romanian process, when they outlawed the party, democracy? Is Czech repression a democracy? Why are we trying to wrap ourselves around the finger? We have to face the truth. A different totalitarianism is looming over us, more sophisticated, more muscular, tougher, more collected together, with greater pretensions, bigger goals, far-reaching intentions,” he explained.

According to the political scientist, the processes taking place in the USSR were not temporary difficulties or accidental excesses, but “systematic and constant cold work of a force very far from democracy”, which had no a national index.

“Do we not see how neo-fascism is raising its head all over the world? Are we not seeing how, within the confines of this neo-fascism, the most extreme right-wing forces are aligned with organized crime? (…)And if it (the new fascist force) prevails under the rubble of this power, then tomorrow the United States of America will face a force that will far exceed its own, and a third world war is inevitable. And we can only say what Alexander Blok once said, that ‘we are no longer your shield’” Kurginyan warned.

He urged to look deep into what was happening, to take a sober look at your condition and your situation and not to try to maintain the state of some pseudo-comfort in the face of a new terrible challenge. He recalled that even the Nazi ideologists set as their key task to fragment the population of the occupied territories, so that crowds of migrating slaves became a constant source of labor for the new masters.

On March 11, 1990, the Supreme Soviet of Lithuania adopted an act proclaiming the independence of the republic.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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