Expert: Politicians in Russian Federation still have illusions regarding relations with NATO

04.02.2022, Moscow.

The Russian political leaders still have illusions regarding chances to return their relations with NATO to a normal level, said political scientist and Americanist Rafael Ordukhanyan in a comment to the Rossa Primavera News Agency.

“The political leaders still have certain illusions, too. Yes, we have such illusions! We keep saying that it is alright, no problem so far,” Ordukhanyan explained.

However, the political scientist noted that developing a strategy to integrate Donbass and Ukrainian southeast into Russia or to ensure their independent status is a very complicated project, and experts should be working on it already.

“De facto, [NATO’s] answer has been given. Ok, it is negative? Okay, let us accept it, summarize it, and start acting based on the new reality that we have been straightforwardly informed about. Do they think we misunderstood them? Well, then please tell us everything,” the expert believes.

Ordukhanyan proposed a metaphor describing a situation when Russia faces robbers.

“Figuratively speaking, when bandits take your wife and they are putting her in the trunk you can hardly be satisfied with a statement that they have not started any violence at this point. That it is alright for now as they are only putting her in the trunk,” the political scientist said.

On February 2, the El Pais Spanish newspaper published copies of a document containing US and NATO’s official response to Russia’s proposal on security dialogue.

Later, officials in the Department of State and Pentagon said that the published texts were consistent with the actual contents of the answer. Kremlin refused to comment the published documents.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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