Political scientist explains the meaning of reports about the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine

25.11.2021, Moscow.

The accusations of preparing an invasion of Ukraine against Russia are an attempt to cover up serious economic and political changes inside the United States, economist and political analyst Darya Yevtyanova said to Rossa Primavera News Agency on November 25.

“When such high-profile statements are made, it is usually followed by an attempt to cover up serious economic and political changes. The US has always done so, this is the main technology – to change the focus on foreign policy in order to distract everyone from the internal chaos,” Yevtyanova said.

The political analyst also pointed out another reason for the US to make such a high-profile statement, “The government in Ukraine is fully dependent on NATO. This new bogus story about the war is a psychological pressure on Russia, Ukraine and all the countries of the former Soviet Union. This is how the West continues to shape someone else’s agenda, dictating to us what and how to discuss, distracting us from other more important issues.”

On November 22, US intelligence reported that Russia could allegedly plan an invasion of Ukraine in early 2022 and carry it out from three directions, including through the territory of Belarus.

In addition, according to US intelligence, Moscow allegedly mobilized tens of thousands of reservists on a “scale unprecedented for post-Soviet times.” Bloomberg agency reported this.

On November 25, the European Union called on Russia to cancel the decree on humanitarian support to Donbass, because it allegedly violates the Minsk agreements.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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