Kurginyan: Hysterical vaccination supporters need to be restrained

06.11.2021, Moscow.

Supporters of vaccination, who are unable to respect a different position have to be restrained, or else the Russian society will not be able to maintain unity, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in his broadcast published on October 24 on YouTube.

According to Kurginyan, some of his closest associates, with whom he is in good friendly and serious working relations, have vaccinated themselves for the coronavirus. Others strongly refuse to get the vaccine.

“And these two groups of people are two types of my closest co-workers, friends, people without whom I cannot live. They perfectly coexist in my organization,” he said.

Kurginyan stressed that if any of them showed disrespect to a different position he would have to leave the team.

“Unfortunately, if (I stress, if) anyone of them attacked another one with a different position shouting that he is killing himself or he is killing us by refusing to vaccinate, this person would have to leave. Not because his position is not accepted, but because over decades of working together we have developed a close and friendly way of life while remaining different and respecting our difference,” he said.

Kurginyan is confident that only mutual respect between people with different positions helped the Theater On the Boards and the Experimental Creative Center intellectual center that he leads to survive through thirty years. In the Russian society, however, the political scientist observes quite different processes, which, he believes, “are more dangerous than the most dangerous diseases.”

In a hard situation, people who are “in one boat,” the nation, begin to hysterically insult people with a different position. The political scientist believes that people who fall for panic reactions have to be restrained for us to remain calm and capable of making reasonable decisions.

“This is more dangerous than the most dangerous diseases. When at a moment of danger (…) people begin to argue in a most rude and insulting manner within one boat, which is our nation (if we believe that we have one nation), our society etc., then these alarmists and hysteroids have to be restrained somehow. Otherwise, we cannot make any reasonable decisions,” the political scientist warned.

On October 21, the Editor-in-Chief of RT Margarita Simonyan on her Telegram channel called opponents of the CODIV-19 vaccination “idiots” because of whom “children die.” According to Simonyan, those who remain unvaccinated for the coronavirus are a direct threat to the health and lives of children in Russia. This statement met a wave of aggressive judgments on both sides.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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