Kurginyan warns that the people’s anger against vaccinators will erupt in 2024

06.11.2021, Moscow.

The Russian people are being riled up in such a way that by 2024 – the year of the presidential elections – they would accumulate rage, said philosopher, political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in the Meaning of the Game program released on October 24 on the movement’s YouTube video channel.

Citing the situation in the US as an example, Kurginyan asked the question: what do those who allow the demolition of monuments to the country’s founding fathers: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, want to achieve? To bring about an ultimate goal, an outbreak in racist sentiment on the part of the country’s white population that is fed up?

And when they begin to demolish monuments today, including those to George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and not just to General Lee. Then later, monuments to General Lee will be everywhere; and all the derogatory terms, that I don’t want to say out loud, aimed at the black population, which I respect, will return. And this vocabulary will be radical. Is that, perhaps, why everything is being set up this way?” raises the question the political scientist.

In this regard, Kurginyan warned against further harsh measures to impose vaccination on the Russian people, especially vaccinating children.

“Do you know that people in our country are very sensitive to violations of children’s rights and interests? What do you want to run into? “ – questions Kurginyan.

At the same time, he pointed out to a certain part of the Russian intelligentsia, its particular quality: the hate towards the popular majority, and they cannot help but talk about it.

And here comes about its next quality, and this has always been true. That is a mysterious quality of a certain part of our intelligentsia, which uses any pretext to express its hatred towards the popular majority. Any reason, just to say how this intelligentsia hates its own country,” notes the political scientist.

He recalled how words ”vatniki” or “quilted jackets” [derogatory term to describe Russians] , and ”colorady” or “colorados” [derogatory term to describe those who in support of the Great Victory in the WWII wear the St.George ribbon, colored in orange and black, like the Colorado beetle] came about. Now, the popular majority, which does not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, is described in the most unflattering words. Kurginyan suggested that if a part of the elite acts in such a way that by the time the election comes in the year 2024 the Russian people have accumulated a decisive amount of rage and frustration, then they are doing this deliberately and with a specific purpose.

When the rally on Poklonnaya Hill took place in 2012 – word ‘vatniki’ started to circulate, when the antifascist movement began in Donbass – word ‘colorados’ entered the narrative. When something like this happens and it ‘ruffles the feathers’ among the masses in connection with vaccination – they start screaming ‘fools, scoundrels, idiots, bastards.’ Do you think that in response to this there is no poised and not without a sense of irony reaction? Those who start saying they want everyone’s head on a spike are mistaken,” said Kurginyan.

“Although, if children are involved, it can be very different. Anger builds up, costs build up too. Do you want it to combine? When? In 2024? So what are you trying to do? Some people are carrying out the task in a frenzy, and they don’t care about the result. They need to report to their superiors. Others understand what they are doing. They are dividing societywhat for? “ added Kurginyan.

According to Kurginyan, part of the elite is actively pushing for vaccination, helping those globalist forces that want to transform the world. However, if this transformation takes place, Russia has no hope of remaining as a single state.

“Someone here is daring to say that people who doubt the effectiveness of vaccines are agents of world imperialism. Well, then it is clear who the true patriot of Russia is. It’s Bill Gates, it’s Klaus Schwab, it’s Joe Biden! Demented idiots. You cannot help but see that this whole COVID hysteria is part of the transformation. You want this transformation in Russia? With this transformation, Russia will cease to be a unified state.

And, of course, all costs will first be transferred on the authorities, no matter how much they maneuver now. Wasn’t it said that vaccination will be voluntary? It can hardly be called voluntary now,” stressed Kurginyan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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