Turkey confirms its intention to train Ukrainian army’s fighters

29.06.2021, Kiev.

The Turkish military has offered its assistance in training the Ukrainian army’s soldiers, the public relations service of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Command wrote on June 29 on its Facebook page following a meeting in Kiev.

“During my last visit to Turkey, we met with General Ümit Dündar. We reached agreements to hold personnel exercises in our training centers. We have plenty of experience that we can share and exchange because our armies are engaged in combat right now. I am confident that this visit will give a strong impetus to the development of our cooperation in the future,” Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Colonel General Aleksandr Sirsky said.

Turkish Embassy Military Attaché Colonel confirmed the intention to send Turkish military instructors to Ukraine at a joint briefing after the talks.

The visit of the Turkish military delegation took place as part of the development of the agreements reached between Colonel General Sirsky and Commander of the Turkish Ground Forces General Ümit Dündar during a visit to Turkey in March of this year.

After the talks, the Turkish delegation will tour the training centers of the Ukrainian army to assess the level and methods of training of privates, sergeants and officers on site.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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