Ukraine has not even invented the “revolution of dignity.” But it fiercely defends it

28.06.2021, Kiev.

The ideology of the “revolution of dignity” is not an invention of Ukraine; moreover, it was not even invented in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Rossa Primavera News Agency editorial published on June 23 reads.

Earlier, Aleksandr Turchinov, Ukraine’s then-acting president in 2014 [during the neo-Nazi coup in Kiev], accused Putin of misunderstanding the essence of the “revolution of dignity.” Commenting on a passage from Putin’s article that the United States was behind the 2014 coup d’état in Kiev, Turchinov said:

“Putin’s chronic paranoia about ‘the organization of a coup d’état in Ukraine by the United States’ shows that he, like any other dictator, cannot understand that real revolutions cannot be faked, ordered or organized from abroad.”

The ideological construct “revolution of dignity” is not an invention of Ukraine. The fact that it was implemented there testifies that this revolution was exported to Ukraine from abroad. Why? Because this construct was created by Zbigniew Brzezinski long before it was “invented” in Ukraine.

In 2008, in his book Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower, written specifically for Barack Obama’s presidency, Brzezinski outlines a new humanitarian weapon – “color revolutions.” Brzezinski wrote, “In today’s restless world, America needs to identify itself with the quest for universal human dignity.”

And also, “The worldwide yearning for human dignity is the central challenge inherent in the phenomenon of global political awakening.” And the global political awakening is the very same “orange revolutions”, the humanitarian weapon which Brzezinski recommends that Obama adopts as an effective way to keep the United States in global power.

All of us have seen how effective this weapon as exemplified in the Arab Spring, the attempted orange revolt in Moscow in 2011, the unrest in Belarus last year, and so on. And, of course, the Banderite coup in Ukraine is the most impressive and most sinister example of this humanitarian technology at work.

As for Ukraine itself, as we can see, it readily uses this ideological construct invented by Brzezinski. And it is even proud of it and considers this ideological construct (also known as “revolution of dignity”) to be its own invention.

Note that such a violent reaction of Turchinov was triggered by the following phrase in Putin’s article “Being Open, Despite the Past” published in German Die Zeit newspaper, “Why did the USA organize the coup and the European countries weak-heartedly support it, provoking a split within Ukraine and the withdrawal of Crimea?”

Immediately after the coup in 2014, then US President Barack Obama explicitly stated that the Bandera Nazis uprising in Ukraine was the work of Washington.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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