Russian Senator finds another confirmation of the parasitic nature of the "new" Ukraine

14.06.2021, Moscow.

Events and trends in modern Ukraine are increasingly demonstrating its parasitic nature, Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov wrote on his Twitter page on June 14.

This is how the senator reacted to the proposal of Ukrainian political analyst Ruslan Bortnyk, who previously proposed to make Ukraine the owner of Nord Stream 2.

“Ukraine, which has nothing to do with Nord Stream 2, demands to give it shares of Nord Stream 2 stock as compensation. Ukraine did not build anything, did not finance anything, and tried to ruin the project; now it wants its shares. This is a new confirmation of the parasitic nature of the ‘new’ Ukraine,” Pushkov concluded.

In Ruslan Bortnyk’s opinion, Ukraine should be compensated for the losses it will incur after Nord Stream 2 is launched. In this regard, the political analyst suggested that Ukraine should receive “5-7-10 percent” of the stock of the company operating the new pipeline.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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