A military expert explains why Ukraine has downed the MH17 flight

10.06.2021, Moscow.

The crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Donbass is a US special operation carried out in order to get an excuse to introduce NATO troops to Ukraine, military expert and editor of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Aleksey Leonkov said to Rossa Primavera News Agency’s reporter on June 10.

“[Downing] of Malaysian Boeing is a special operation carried out by the United States, pursuing its own certain goals,” the expert said. He called Washington’s statement about the existence of hard evidence the attempt to prejudice the investigation.

The expert reminded that all the accusations addressed to the people’s militia in Donbass and Russia that it was them who had shot down the plane were based on the US statement that they had some irrefutable evidence. However, this evidence has not been presented in seven years. This indicates that they most likely do not exist, Leonkov stressed.

Leonkov stressed that not Russia, but Ukraine should be the accused in the case of the plane crash. “A Ukrainian firing group of Buk missile systems was deployed in the overflight area of Malaysian Boeing: 6 launcher components and a target detection station,” he recalled. It was one of these Buks that fired the missile, the expert insists.

Leonkov believes that the purpose of the special operation was to turn the conflict in Donbass from local to international. Washington wanted “to make the defenders of Donbass international terrorists,” the expert stressed.

He recalled that there were citizens of the Netherlands, a NATO member state, on board the plane. This gave the alliance an opportunity to invoke Article 5 of the treaty – to regard the crash of the airliner as an attack on one of its members. In the future, this would have allowed NATO troops to occupy Ukraine.

On 7 June, another court hearing was held in the Netherlands in the case of the crash of the MH17 flight. The court confirmed that the United States had definitively refused to provide evidence that confirmed its claim that Russia was responsible for the crash.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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