Political scientist: Ukraine is at the threshold of a new civil war

05.12.2020, Moscow.

Transcarpathia will repeat the fate of Donbass, an Ukrainian political scientist Alexandr Semchenko said, the newspaper Izvestia reports on December 5.

According to Semchenko, searches at the Hungarian community, which were carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), may provoke riots.

The political scientist forecasts that Kiev will send a police or army contingent in Transcarpathia, and this will face local opposition. According to him, blood will be split, and Ukraine will have to deal with the same situation there as in Donbass now.

Semchenko believes that such a scenario should be expected from Ukrainian nationalists, who are accustomed to establish their own rules in the country’s central regions.

The political scientist stresses that the EU and Hungary, the NATO member, will take the side of Ukrainian Hungarians.

It is to be noted that recently the SBU carried out searches at a member of some charity fund in Transcarpathia. As a result, leaflets calling for the creation of “Great Hungary” were found. The head of the Hungarian local party Vasily Brenzovich was also searched.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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