Cuba's largest civil organizations condemn US subversion

06.12.2020, Havana.

Cuban largest civil associations expressed their support for the Revolution and defended the sovereignty of Cuba in the face of attacks and subversion by the United States on December 5 reports Prensa Latina.

It is noted that the Union of Historians of Cuba condemned those who “conspire to destroy the revolutionary process, disturb the calm of society, try to create instability and harm the unity of people.

The organization condemned the strengthening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade by Washington, as well as the financing of subversive activities.

“Decent Cubans should meet the present moment full of difficulties and dangers with courage, a sense of national honor and political wisdom, as well as hope,” the note says.

The Union of Writers and Artists of the Island also condemned the US attempts to form false ideas about Cuba in the world community. For this purpose, a direct distortion of social and cultural reality is used.

The Union of Journalists also issued a statement “Dialogue – yes, blackmail – never,” which called on citizens to be well aware and united, and also condemned provocations.

It is emphasized that many university communities, the National Union of Lawyers and other organizations also condemned the subversive actions and the US media war waged with the support of the CIA.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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