Expert: Soros’ foundations will govern Ukraine

04.12.2020, Kiev.

The election of Joe Biden as US president will strengthen the influence of the foundations close to billionaire George Soros on the Ukrainian politics, the analyst, director of the Ukrainian discussion club Oleg Pendzin stated on December 4, FAN informs.

The expert noted that until 2014 the programs implemented by non-profit organizations in Ukraine with funding from USAID, did not have the same support as now. “After Maidan, this assistance has grown to millions of dollars. This is due to the reformatting of the very role of Ukraine, which has become ‘a counterweight to the Russian Federation’,” Penjin said.

The analyst also said that in addition to funds from USAID, there are serious investments from the foundations close to Soros. The billionaire also sponsors the US Democratic Party, and thus he is close to Biden. Therefore, Ukraine runs the risk of getting under the control of these foundations.

“In any case, Zelensky, in fact, surrendered to the West, and in the coming years, Ukraine will fall under increasing external control. After Biden’s inauguration, all these ‘grant-eaters’ and ‘adherents of Soros’ will strengthen their positions in the government agencies, and nothing good will come out of it either for Zelensky or for Ukraine,” Pendzin said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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