Kedmi: Russia’s nuclear triad command post will save world from nuclear war

18.11.2020, Jerusalem.

The new command post of Russia’s nuclear triad will prevent the US from unleashing World War Three, Israeli military expert Yakov Kedmi said on November 17 on the air of the Iton-TV channel.

“The new command post of Russia’s nuclear triad makes the deadly response even quicker and more efficient. This is a major issue of World War Three, and today the US cannot start it. Russia definitely cannot safely attack the US, not at all. But the US today cannot start World War Three, while Russia does not need to,” Kedmi noted.

According to the expert, as the advanced Russian nuclear weapons can destroy any country, the US’ allies also cannot feel safe under US protection. At the same time, the White House will never let the US be involved in a conflict that can destroy its cities. Therefore, World War Three is only possible if the US administration is confident that Russia cannot inflict unacceptable damage by a retaliatory strike or a launch-under-attack strike to the US itself, the Israeli expert explained.

“The US operative military plans are based on an instant strike with six thousand missiles that must make Russia unable to launch a retaliatory strike. However, Russia can destroy the US before the first US missiles reach its territory,” Kedmi said.

The risk of USSR’s response during the Cuban Missile Crisis prevented the US from attacking the Soviet state in spite of overwhelming strategic superiority, Kedmi reminded. Today, for the first time in the nuclear history of humanity Moscow dominates in the number and quality of nuclear weapons, having reduced again the flight time to the American continent in 2020.

On November 11, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced the final phase of the development of an advanced strategic nuclear forces control system with “virtually absolute” protection. According to the Russian leader, the survivability of the nuclear forces control system will be sufficient to survive enemy’s nuclear strike. The Russian leader also noted that the proportion of advanced weapons in the Russian nuclear forces is 82%.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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