Kurginyan: The West will prepare Turkey for war as it did with Germany

16.11.2020, Moscow.

The West will prepare Turkey for war as it prepared Germany in 1920s. This will be an absolutely different Turkey, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on November 15 on the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program on the Russia One channel.

According to Kurginyan, some parallels can really be drawn today with the situation of Germany in 1920s. If anyone will fight Russia by proxy, or if anyone is being built up for this war, it will be Turkey.

“But we are not the ones who will be building it up, it will be British intelligence, Moore [the chief of the MI6 British intelligence service ― Rossa Primavera News Agency], and others, the entire Western community, because what they want is a serious regional war that would escalate into a major one.

However, we are not the masters of this process. Every time we might think that we will have our share it is an illusion like it was with Germany. We will not be there, but the others will,” the political scientist believes.

Kurginyan noted that Ukraine has joined in; Ukrainian military experts are there to learn from the Turkish experience. This dialogue between the armies of the two countries suggests a coming escalation in Donbass.

“If Turkey seriously speaks about neo-Ottomanism and pan-Turkism, first it will be the territory of Crimea, then the territory of North Caucasus, then the Volga River basin, and then it is a matter of time when they recall who Bessarabia used to belong to. When all this takes its shape seriously, we will face a major threat,” Kurginyan stressed.

The transformation of Turkey, Kurginyan noted, is taking place with increasing speed. Erdoğan’s rhetoric is not mere words, and it cannot be dismissed as some idle talk. “Look in his eyes. These are not mere words,” the political scientist believes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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