Kurginyan speaks about global “alternative game”

15.07.2020, Moscow.

All the countries in the world, with major or minor reservations, have followed the same global trend in the situation of the coronavirus pandemic. To date, the latest attempt to propose an alternative to the global trend was made in 1952 in the USSR at the 19th Communist Party Congress, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said in “The Meaning of the Game” broadcast published on the movement’s YouTube channel on July 10.

“The latest serious discussion of an alternative game dates back to some 19th Congress of the CPSU, and even then with the so-called Yalta reservation. After that, no one has ever discussed it with real conviction,” Sergey Kurginyan said.

The expert added that the current Russian elite could be least expected to offer an alternative global trend, as it wants Russia to become part of Western civilization. “First, this idea must be permanently abandoned, as it was done in the discussion over the Molotov ― Ribbentrop Pact. And then a different approach to COVID must follow,” the political scientist explained.

The Essence of Time leader noted that there is no final judgment regarding artificial or natural origin of the coronavirus, and there cannot be one. He believes that even if it is found to be artificial, a prudent politician will only want to increase real autarchy in everything, first of all in medicine, pharmacology etc.

“As long as there is a certain global trend without even a sign of an alternative, and as long as our elite (in its current form that it took in the post-Soviet decades) follows this trend, everything will continue to happen the way it is happening now,” Sergey Kurginyan concluded.

The 19th Congress of the CPSU is the only Party Congress the transcript of which has not been published to date. This was the first Party Congress after a 13-year pause.

In his article on World War Two published in 2020, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin points out that the Molotov ― Ribbentrop Pact, for which the Western countries often criticize Moscow, was signed because of multiple actions by the West against the USSR.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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