Experts: De-ideologization of the Great Patriotic War destroys the spirit of Victory

26.06.2020, Novorossiysk.

Silencing the fact that the Great Patriotic War has become a clash between Nazism and Communism destroys the meaning and spirit of the Victory Day, the researcher, Doctor of economy Viktor Kashitsyn said on June 24 in an interview with Rossa Primavera News Agency.

According to Kashitsyn, the victory in war would be impossible without the Soviet system. The Soviet Union was able to carry out industrialization as soon as possible, bring the country’s economy to the third place in the world, and establish mass production of “weapons, which was best in the world in 1941.”

Moreover, the Soviet people demonstrated “a powerful whole-hearted self-sacrifice” and high strength of spirit, which the Communist Party was able to mobilize. “People joined the party before the battle, knowing that this would not save them, but on the contrary, it would destroy them,” said the researcher.

Kashitsyn added that the Communists in other countries, too, had offered “the most effective organized resistance to fascism,” because they were the bearers of “the greatest insightful theoretical and practical concepts,” they were ready to sacrifice their own lives and put public interests over personal ones.

“Nazi fascism has only one antonym, and it is communism. Everything else means denying the truth… Not to say or mention this exactly means to destroy the spirit [of the celebration – Rossa Primavera News Agency],” said Kashitsyn.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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