Pandemic turned out to be a jackpot: Kurginyan exposes global conman

27.06.2020, Moscow.

Richard Hatchett, the leader of the global CEPI organization, the global coalition for innovation for prevention of epidemics, refused to answer a journalist’s question about his material interests in selling vaccines. Hatchett only stressed again the extremely high transmission and extremely high lethality of the coronavirus, in other words he continued to escalate fear. Political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan made this statement in his The Meaning of the Game broadcast published on June 25 on the movement’s website.

“I mentioned those who were involved with Rumsfeld’s special center [Defense Secretary in 2001 – 2006 ― Rossa Primavera News Agency], who were developing the future global special biological shock. Among those names I mentioned Richard Hatchett. And now again this is the same Richard Hatchett, but this time in the role of executive director of CEPI, this future ‘savior of humanity’,” Kurginyan said.

The expert reminded that Hatchett was a member of Donald Rumsfeld’s think tank established many years ago, which developed the strategy of “total quarantine” as the USA’s response to the use of biological weapons by communist China. Kurginyan emphasizes that Richard Hatchett together with Carter Mecher have consistently developed and promoted the ideas of social distancing and quarantine. In this effort, they were aided by Rajeev Venkayya, former special assistant to the US president for biodefense and senior director for biological defense in the White House.

In late April, 2020, Venkayya said that further waves of the coronavirus epidemic were inevitable; therefore, for real protection against COVID-19 two conditions must be met: 1) everyone must wear protective masks, 2) total and rapid testing with further contact tracing and a quarantine are necessary. However, this would only buy some time for the development of a vaccine, the only thing that could permanently defeat the coronavirus.

Sergey Kurginyan reminded about CEPI’s cooperation with GSK, a company with a $43 billion turnover and $5 billion of investment in research and development in 2019.

Previously, some experts pointed out the strange fact that the USA announced the testing of a coronavirus vaccine in humans as early as in March. According to specialists, a vaccine could not be developed that quickly.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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