American studies expert explains Bolton’s book on the White House

22.06.2020, Moscow.

Books like John Bolton’s The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, have been written about other US presidents, but much later after their stepping down and using much softer language than this one, which indicates an unprecedented attack on Donald Trump, said political scientist and American studies expert Dmitry Drobnitsky via his Telegram channel on June 18.

Drobnitsky sees the reasons for numerous attempts to discredit Trump through various “literary works”, opuses claiming that “Donald Trump is an unusual politician, an alien from outside the Washington power circle, a destroyer of professional politicians and hereditary bureaucrats’ traditional lifestyles.”

The political scientist also gave an unambiguous assessment concerning the author of the sensational memoirs, John Bolton, “He is an old Washington hawk, a neocon, a parasitic worm, as Tucker Carlson aptly called him. Bolton’s time in the administration was brief. But he thought that he had already managed to coerce the President to what he wanted a decade and a half, namely to a war with Iran. He thought he used the Trump administration, but in fact he was used by it. When he did away with a group of establishment generals, they got rid of him. And, of course, Bolton was furious.”

“Now Trump is Bolton’s enemy. And the enemy should be exposed. Which he is doing. It doesn’t matter whether you write the truth or not. The result matters,” said Drobnitsky, adding that Bolton has written a new book about Melania Trump with the same purpose.

Previously the US authorities said that Bolton’s book cannot be published, because it contains information constituting state secrets. The publication of the book had already been postponed several times.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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