"Forgive us, brothers in Russia!" – Rally in honor of Konev hold in Prague

01.06.2020, Prague.

Activists of the Honor, Freedom and Respect movement Jiří Černohorský and Josef Skála held the rally in honor of Marshal Konev. After the monument to Konev, which they were protecting, was demolished, the Honor, Freedom and Respect movement decided to hold its rally near the memorial plaque commemorating Vlasov army’s soldiers, covering all the memorial objects dedicated to fascist’s henchmen with the Soviet symbols of Victory.

Newsreel photography of the liberation of Prague by the Soviet troops was attached on the memorial plaque, describing the “feat” of the Vlasov army’s soldiers, large posters with the inscriptions “Forgive us, brothers in Russia!”, “Russia – friendship forever”, ” Novotný, Hřib, Kolář will soon be behind bars” together with flags of the Czech Republic, USSR and Russia were placed in front of the plaque.

A small stele with an art object depicting a Soviet T-34 tank under a German helmet was covered with cardboard to which military photos and flags of the USSR and the Czech Republic were attached.

Speakers thanked the Soviet army for the liberation from fascism and recalled the events of May 1945. Černohorský stressed that today’s glorification of the Vlasov army’s soldiers in Prague is an attempt to rehabilitate the Nazi criminals.

And that municipal officials in Prague, who took anti-Russian positions, took the path of rewriting history and glorification of Nazism.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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