Expert: U.S. needs Russia to wage war against China

01.06.2020, Moscow.

The U.S. will try to “bribe” Russia to counter China, said President of The Russian-Asian Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs (RAUIE) Vitaly Mankevich on June 1, RIA Novosti informed.

According to Mankevich, the U.S. needs Russia to take its side in the trade war against China and for that Washington will try to implicitly “bribe” Moscow.

According to the president of the Union, it is not a coincidence that the list of states that were invited to the G7 meeting: India, Australia and South Korea. According to Mankevich, all three states have their own reasons for confrontation with Beijing.

Mankevich said that in case of successful negotiations, U.S. President Trump will be able to show international unity in front of the external enemy, China, and strengthen its position in the upcoming elections.

“At the same time, the offer of friendship time Russia can be regarded as playing with fire,” said the entrepreneur, recalling the rallies during which protesters claimed that Russia interfered in the elections assissting Trump’s victory.

“The inclusion of Australia, South Korea and India in the G7 does not mean strengthening the influence of these countries, but expanding the anti-Chinese camp,” Mankevich added, noting that the opinion of these countries on other issues is unlikely to be taken into account by the United States.

Mankevich also noted that the U.S. economy is being undermined by the protests, while Europe prefer to trade with China. At the same time, the sanctions package against China looks “feeble,” said the businessman.

“Real economic sanctions are too expensive now, so Trump is trying to achieve a symbolic victory in the form of a global anti-Chinese alliance,” added the president of the union. According to Mankevich, in this situation, Russia can either join the Chinese The Belt and Road Initiative, or join the trade war with China and get rid of the U.S. sanctions.

Frequent changes between the West- and East-oriented policies could undermine “Moscow’s reputation as a reliable partner in a number of regions, including Africa, Asia and Latin America,” the entrepreneur noted.

Earlier Donald Trump said that he intends to invite four countries to the postponed G7 meeting: Russia, India, South Korea and Australia. White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah noted that the summit will discuss the “future of China”.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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